‘The only source of knowledge is experience’ –Albert Einstein

Overseas Student Exchange Programs engaging talented and highly motivated students to explore a broad range of society, learning, culture exploration, and recreational activities. Overseas Student Exchange Programs is an outstanding educational opportunity for students in Indonesia to broaden horizons. Students are challenged by  reative, innovative, and exciting activities abroad. The program also provides magnificent journey to give you the best experience and gain more knowledge and friendship. Overseas Student Exchange Programs design your learning into a creative, exciting, and fun activities. Other than the monotony learning inside the classroom, the program offers learning by experiencing. An interesting learning atmosphere with more different concepts about cultural exchanges, economic,  ocial and educational systems. We are here to invite you to be aware to the  lobal education and to become the best generation who brings prosperity to our country.

Cross Culture Insight

Witness from the firsthand the diversity of languages, culture, and technology abroad will make you more open-mind and able to adapt to various changes. Explore the various aspects of community life and habits of various cultures so that you can see everyone as unique and equals. Experience the

International Exposure

Experience the campus life in a world class university and prestigious university all over the world. Feel the campus atmosphere and student life and get the international exposure. Let your experience be your best teacher in many ways. Exploring a country would not be complete without meeting the real life form of the culture itself, which is the people. Meet the citizen abroad and grasp as many information as the brain can take. Learn their culture and study their social life.

Magnificent Journey

Engaging the young and the young – heart with the hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration. As every single person is a unique creature, so does every country. As every turn a surprise, so does every corner of a country.  A journey inviting students to view a variety of unique and international developments. Where in the journey you are invited to get a variety of new perspectives and be a person who continues to think ahead.

Erudition of a World Class University

Various information of scholarship opportunities and global issues discussion will be an amazing challenge not to be missed out. As well as get an explanation directly from students, faculty members, and professionals who are experienced with various areas of expertise at a world class university.

Singapore Malaysia

Global Society Learning and Culture Exchange Program

15 – 17 July 2019


Overseas Program for Youth Connecting Diversity

05 – 09 August 2019


Overseas Program for Youth Connecting Diversity

19 – 23 August 2019