“Grabbing Educative Experience Overseas”

OVERSEAS STUDENT EXCHANGE AND ACADEMIC EXPOSURE is an educative program by OSPRO that provides 4E learning overseas program: Exchange, Exposure, Exploration, and Excursion. Through these programs, you will discover how technology plays a big role in developing tourism industry of a country. Experience the cross-border journey and you will find such inspiration for your self-development towards the future!

17-19 January 2019




The First E Program offers the students such as educational and cultural exchange activities between with local students for enriching their insight.


The Second E Program provides world class university exposure in order to help the students experience the atmosphere of being international university students


Through all the agendas, The Third E program will enable students to have a cross-cultural experience, including traditional and modern culture Malaysia and Singapore have.


As for the Fourth E program, students will visit several public places to have a closer look at the social activity and condition in Malaysia and Singapore.

6 Priority Programs

  • International Certification

  • University Visit

  • Institution Visit

  • Heritage Tour

  • Society Discovery


Day 1: Kuala Lumpur Exploration

  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport
    Landing in Kuala Lumpur, the journey of yours begins. Here you will meet the committee and your team who also join this program. Together, you all will encounter the overseas experience in the land of Malaya in the first and second day.
  • National Planetarium
    Your journey starts with an outer space experience by encountering the astronomic view in the National Planetarium of Malaysia. In this place you can see your self how technology has become part of tourism industry.
  • Petronas Twin Tower
    World has agreed that Petronas Twin Tower is the evidence of the advancement of technology. To see through, you will enter the building and see how technology has formed tourist attraction in different form.

Day 2: Campus Exposure

  • Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation
    As the main course of the program, you will have two campus exposures. First hand in the morning, you will be brought to one of the world’s prominent campus, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation in Malaysia. Inside the campus you will meet APU students to have an exchange session with them talking about the advancement of technology and its role to tourism.
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
    For the second campus stop, you will visit one of Malaysia’s world ranked universities. Besides, you will also have a sharing session with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia students discussing about tourism in Malaysia and government’s supports for the betterment of facilities using technology.
  • Johor Baru
    In this area you will experience the ambience offered by another city of Malaysia. You will take some rest in Johor Baru before continuing your journey to Singapore.

Day 3: Sightseeing in Singapore

  • Gardens by the Bay
    As a tourism attraction, Gardens by the Bay is such a good-to-be-true kind of tourist destination exposing technology as the main part of attraction. As you wonder, you will also learn that technology is actually part of culture for it is a result of human’s thought and effort.
  • Merlion Park
    Before putting your journey to an end, you will visit this iconic lion statue of Singapore, The Merlion. You will enjoy the water bursting out of its mouth while remembering your journey since the beginning of the program.
  • Changi Airport
    Finally, at the end of the day you will visit this very last place as the gate to go back to your home country. May the 4E program: the exchange, exposure, exploration, and excursion last, becoming a wonderful experience that changes your life.

Student Requirement

To be considered for Academy, students must be highly motivated with a love of learning. Generally, Academy students exhibit the ability to quickly explore topics in great depth and often require services behond those provided by the regular school system. Students often demonstrate at least one of the following:

Either Senior High and University student between 16-25 years old (fresh graduates are welcomed)

Good communication skills

Good Interpersonal Skill

Willing to learn new things


Positive attitude


The selected Participant will be granted for below facilities:

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