Global Society Learning and Culture Exchange Program

Located in strategic area, Singapore and Malaysia are one of the busiest countries in the Southeast Asia. Their multicultural society bring benefit to be classified as developed global society. This program is designed to encourage you to develop your confidence in order to stand out on global society arena. How you dare to be part of it?

21 – 23 April 2019




The First E Program offers the students such as educational and cultural exchange activities between with local students for enriching their insight.


The Second E Program provides world class university exposure in order to help the students experience the international atmosphere.


Through all the agendas, The Third E program will enable students to have a cross-cultural experience by joining local community to have activity together.


As for the Fourth E program, students will do observation by visiting several public places to find and understand the social activity and condition in Singapore and Malaysia.

6 Priority Programs

  • International Certification
  • University Erudition
  • Institution Exposure
  • Heritage Exploration
  • Society Discovery
  • Cultural Comprehension


Day 1: A Warm Welcoming

  • Changi International Airport
    This place will be the signed that the OSPRO is started. You will meet the other participant and committee who will together take a journey exploring Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Merlion Park
    You will have exploration in Chinatown Street Markets, one best night market in Singapore. You can start to take note by interacting with local people.

Day 2: Campus Exchange

  • University of  Tun Abdul Razak
    The second day is the main part of the program, Campus Exchange. The first campus to visit is University of Tun Abdul Razak. You will have a discussion with the students about art and culture and also share the campus daily life with them.
  • University of Kuala Lumpur
    The campus exposure in the University of Kuala Lumpur will involve you to walk in and around campus. This tour includes an exchange session with the students of Uni KL to talk about the relationship between national heritage and the creative industry.
  • MaTiC
    Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) will enable you to learn more about tourism in Malaysia. You can see what matters in their tourism industry as well as how they organize their products into a promotion to get the public attention.
  • Central Market and Petaling Street
    As to close your second day, you will explore Malaysian society by entering their prominent markets as tourist attractions: Central Market and Petaling Street. There you can also buy souvenirs and other Malaysian products.

Day 3: Exploring Malaysia

  • Dataran Merdeka
    There, Students will explore about the Field that have been the witness of Malaysia Independence Day. There are many old building there that can be explore and learn.
  • Istana Negara Malaysia
    Istana Negara Malaysia is the official residence of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the monarch of Malaysia. There, Students will meet and explore about the Monarch System in Malaysia.
  • Kuala Lumpur International Airport
    Finally, this is the end of the program. You will head straight to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Hopefully, your journey will remain as a good remembrance in mind and give such huge inspiration for your next step towards the future.

Student Requirement

To be considered for Academy, students must be highly motivated with a love of learning. Generally, Academy students exhibit the ability to quickly explore topics in great depth and often require services behond those provided by the regular school system. Students often demonstrate at least one of the following:

Either Senior High and University student between 16-25 years old (fresh graduates are welcomed)

Good communication skills

Good Interpersonal Skill

Willing to learn new things


Positive attitude

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