Malaysia and Singapore are two of the country in ASEAN that provides great tertiary education. Many international students come to ASEAN to experience learning in Malaysia as comfortable place to study and Singapore as leading economic country with have great education system.

Putrajaya Exposure

Arriving at Kuala Lumpur, the students directly headed to Putrajaya. In that federal administrative capital of Malaysia, the students Exposed a modern planned city with great construction. Witnessing world class modern living and working environment. All the description of beauty might be found there. What an incredible area the students had experience.

International University Of Malaya-Wales University Exchange

The main exchange program had been started by taking Exchange in one of the private leading university in Malaysia, International University of Malaya-Wales. There the students had sharing session with the lectures, attended campus tour. Three hours felt like a minute, and the students wished to have longer time there.

Cultural Performance Exchange

Another Exchange was continued in out of the class. The students were invited to watch and get involve in Malaysian cultural performance in Malaysia Tourism Center. There, they experienced dancing with Malaysian dancer. The ambience was so fascinating, and nothing to expect, but it was going to be the bridge for the students to take real exchange

Merlion Park Excursion

Before leaving Kuala Lumpur and closing the program, the students took Excursion in Merlion Park. Becoming the symbol to welcome visitors to Singapore. Around the park seemed very modern and attracted the students took strolling around more and more. It was the last place the students visited before closing the exchange program.

“The exchange program in Malaysia Singapore might be only at glance, but the glance presented incredble learning, mesmerizing culture, and hypnotizing society in two countries. You supposed to try to take exchange as it is, to learn and experience what we had”

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