Malaysia is one of the country in ASEAN that provides great tertiary education. Many international students come to ASEAN to experience learning in Malaysia. Number of reasons could be provided to consider why Malaysia is the best place studying in Malaysia; quality of education program, safe and comfortable place to study, low cost living and tuition fee, and multicultural studying environment.

Kuala Lumpur City Center Exposure

Arriving at Kuala Lumpur, the students directly headed to Kuala Lumpur City Centre. It is called the heart of Kuala Lumpur since where the students took entertainment, commercial and business focal point. Besides, they also Exposed the most popular landmarks, Petronas Twin Tower. That day was one of the best that students ever had. And the next day, would be two of the best. What a great start experience.

Monash University Exchange

The best part of taking student Exchange program is experience learning atmosphere. This, what the students had experienced. In Monash University, the students took undergraduate and postgraduate briefing and admission process, since some of students sit in high school and some were university students. Besides, they also got insight about taking long term exchange in abroad. Done sitting in the class, they attended campus tour starting from the college to students’ dormitory.

Universiti Tun Abdul Razak Exchange

Another Exchange was continued to University Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK). There, the students also get admission session and met the dean and several lecturers. There were many things to learn and to be inspired during the exchange session. Nothing to expect, but it was going to be the bridge for the students to take real exchange.

Dataran Merdeka Exploration

Not only exchange, the students also had a chance to Explore Dataran Merdeka as historical site about Malayan history. Moving with several path, the students took another look at Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. What important was, the students were able to explore history of Malaysia, briefly and in one area.

Batu Cave Excursion

Before leaving Kuala Lumpur and closing the program, the students took Excursion in Batu Cave, a limestone hill consisting of caves and cave temples. There the students, may also discover Hindu shrines and golden statue Muragan. It did prove that the students not merely taking exchange, but also taking excursion and expanding their class in the world.

“The exchange program in Malaysia might be short, but we believe what we got will lead our education path to the future longer. We got more what we need, we got more than exchange, and we got no disappointed for this”

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