Beijing, China’s capital city, is a vibrant country which is known as one of the world’s oldest civilizations and its history and modernity largely understood by all over the world. Not only having rich cultures and heritage sites, but Beijing is also acknowledged as one of CAPA International Education’s longest running student destinations so that studying in Beijing is more likely to be memorable on different levels

Beijing is an important center for higher education in China. Beijing has a well-established system of education from early age to university. One of the best Institution in Beijing is Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College (BLCC). BLCC is subordinate to OCAO so that students can learn about China’s language, cultures, and history. If you are hoping for an genuine Chinese Student Exchange Program which associates with your goals and interests, Youth Academy Program to Beijing is the best offering to broaden your horizons and widen your knowledge of China specifically Beijing, the nation’s political, economic, and cultural center.

Beijing National Aquatic Center

Arriving at Beijing, the students directly headed to Beijing National Aquatic Center. It is one of the most dramatic and exiting venues in China. The building's form is similar to formation of soap bubbles, and not far from it, there is Beijing National Stadium (Bird Nest). The students took their afternoon time there by exposing Chinese landmarks sightseeing there, as well as discovering Chinese society around spending their time in weekend. What a great first experience!

Chinese Language Class

The best way to learning one country's culture is starting from the its language. This opinion was what the students tried to prove while in Beijing. They started take brief Chinese class for beginner from the native in Joy Mandarin Center. For the students, it was interesting experience learning traditional language characters and practice simple conversation in Chinese

Tai Chi Class

After having language class, the students continued the class by taking Tai Chi Class. As we know, Tai Chi is one of Chinese tradition considered as self-defense and soft martial arts style. The students practiced in the classroom since it was pretty cold outside. Tai Chi is beneficial for one's tranquility, and students would be feel it soon if they consistently practiced what they had got in class.

Dumpling Cooking Class

It was cooking time session! The students were pleased to take another interesting class, dumpling cooking. There, they not only cooking but also had the dumpling for their lunch. Dumpling is Chinese traditional food made of small pieces of dough with the filling inside. It is one of the most widely loved foods in northern China, so did for the students since the taste was interesting for them.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

The cultural exchange had not finished yet. The students were invited to practice Chinese tea ceremony. At the introductory class, the students were explained about in what circumstance the tea is prepared in Chinese culture. It was actually meaningful traditions for the Chinese. What's unique for students who commonly don't have such ceremony in their country was the students were asked to smell, pour it into another cup, inhale the steam from the tea, and drink, and do the same thing continually for different scent of tea.

Great Wall of China

After full day learning in class for incredible Chinese culture experience, the students explored another part of Beijing in famous Great Wall. Considering as one of the most impressive architectural feats in history, this place made the students kept walking longer than they used to. It was tired, but enjoyable for the students. It is going to be unforgettable experience for the students.

The Forbidden City

Forbidden city is a palace complex in Beijing, containing 9,999 rooms. It sounds little bit creepy, when we heard 'forbidden city'. Don't get it wrong, since the students had proven that is no longer forbidden. Everyone has been allowed to enter the area and witness the largest preservation of wooden structures from ancient world by UNESCO. There, the students learned about the history of China and its emperor and the artifacts.

“The exchange program in Beijing was so hypnotizing, not only got we new experience, but also attracted us with new society that we had never thought before. Beijing welcomed us with its peculiar atmosphere. Nothing to say but: what an awesome program it was!”

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