Overseas Program for Youth Connecting Diversity

These days, Seoul is characterized as one of the best cities who supporting and providing good facilities for education. There are several the best institutional education that placing in the top 100 best university in the world.

If you are student who wish to experience study overseas, Seoul is one of best place to go. Participated in overseas study program will give you a wonderful way to immerse with other culture. Overseas Student Exchange Program in Seoul will offer you an opportunity to take a part in the education and cultural activities in Seoul, South Korea. Get in touch with us and experience it!

05 – 09 August 2019




The First E Program offers the students such as educational and cultural exchange activities between with local students for enriching their insight.


The Second E Program provides world class university exposure in order to help the students experience the atmosphere of being international university students.


Through all the agendas, The Third E program will enable students to have a cross-cultural experience, including traditional and modern culture Thailand has.


As for the Fourth E program, students will do observation by visiting several public places to find and understand the social activity and condition in Thailand.

6 Priority Programs

  • International Certification

  • University Visit

  • Institution Visit

  • Heritage Tour

  • Society Discovery


Day 1 : 

  • Flight to Seoul
    The participants will take overnight flight to Seoul. Keep in mind that the journey is about to started.

Day 2

Incheon International Airport
Passing the Immigration of South Korea, the students will meet the committee in the arrival section. As of the beginning of the program, the committee will give short orientation and officially open the program.

Ihwa Mural Village
Known as a moon village, Ihwa Mural Village (이화동벽화마을) is set on the hill side and created for tourism site. Due to be set on the hill, the students should be preparing to bring some drink hike up to see the village and the views of surrounding Seoul from the village. Here, the students can learn how the government effort to integrate the beauty of place and the society.

Naksan Park
After refreshing by walking around Ihwa Mural Village, the students will go downhill to get the amazing views of the surrounding city of Seoul. Near the spot, there is also a portion of the Seoul Fortress Wall that goes through the park, Naksan Park, a beautiful and historical location are there also to take a rest or a walk.

Day 3

Korea University, the students will be guided to visit one of the best universities in Seoul. University’s admission will introduce their programs and facilities. The students may have possibility directly collect the information about campus admission especially about the prospective program and admission schedule. It will help the students who want to pursue the higher education in South Korea.

Seoul National University is one of the most prestige university after mergering of the ten higher education institution. There are amount of program consisted from undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral program and also partnerships and exchange programs operated with over 700 academic institutions around the world.  It is good opportunity for the students to experience study at the world class university in Seoul.

The National Palace Museum of Korea opened in 1992 displaying relics from the Joseon Dynasty. there are over 20,000 royal relics from Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine are on display. As part of the culture exchange learning, this place will fulfill the knowledge about the national history of South Korea.

Hongdae Free Market is a fun and unique arts and crafts market where artists, performers, musicians, and visitors can interact face to face. As an accommodated for the artist, it does not offer used goods, but only creative handmade items produced by the artists. The students can learn about the small enterprise business by observing the interaction between the artist and visitors.

Day 4

KBS ON is Korea’s first exhibition hall in media and broadcasting dedicated by KBS. The building is consisted by small museum, radio studio, news studio, and a 3D movie theater. The students can freely explore and take experience using the broadcasting utilities. The students who interest in broadcasting will gain their knowledge especially about Korean broadcasting.

Then before heading to airport, the student will be gathered on the park and will be invited to farewell session. In this session, the student will encourage to show how many information that they get on this program.

Day 5

Arrived in Indonesia

As part of the responsibility, the committee will give report to the parents especially for the students below 19 years to notify that program is closed.

Student Requirement

To be considered for Academy, students must be highly motivated with a love of learning. Generally, Academy students exhibit the ability to quickly explore topics in great depth and often require services behond those provided by the regular school system. Students often demonstrate at least one of the following:

Either Senior High and University student between 16-25 years old (fresh graduates are welcomed)

Good communication skills

Good Interpersonal Skill

Willing to learn new things


Positive attitude


The selected Participant will be granted for below facilities:


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